Zak Laughton - Full-Stack Developer

Zak Laughton

Full-Stack Web Developer

HTML - CSS - Javascript - React - Node.js

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Survivor Stats

January 2019 - Present

Survivor Stats screenshot

• A responsive visual aid designed to give a snapshot of Survivor players' current and former statuses throughout a season of Survivor.
• Uses a React front-end web application to call an API running on Node.js/Express. The API retrieves and organizes data from a PostgreSQL database.

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Restaurants Map

October 2018

• Progressive web app pulling in data from Google Maps and Trello APIs to show information about the popular restaurants in Hutto, Texas.
• Features a service worker, responsive design, and accessible elements.

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September 2018

• Responsive web application that allows users to select and categorize books into a virtual bookshelf.
• Leveraged React to support a dynamic user interface that interacts with an API server and client library.

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